Victorian independence. Yeah, for real.

Victoria should be independent of Australia.
There we said it. Out loud.
Victorians would be better off.
Better off politically, culturally, economically and most important, socially.
Australia isn’t working anymore. Except for a select few people.
We all know this deep down, that sense that things aren’t right.
There’s another feeling, an insidious sinking notion, like we’re trapped behind glass, that we can’t do anything about it.
Politicians are all crooks, the best you can do is just put your head down and do your best for you and yours.
If you’re feeling like that, we get it.
Australian politics is completely stuffed.
It isn’t fixable.
But that state of affairs simply isn’t good enough.
We need something new.
For us, that’s Victorian independence.
If Victoria was independent, we’d be able to keep the bits of Australia that do work.
And improve – or remove – the things that don’t.
As people start getting their heads around the idea of Victorian independence, they’ll have questions.
What currency would it use?
Would Victorians need visas to go to Australia?
How would we keep the lights on?
What does it mean for my kids?
They’re all great questions.
We don’t have all the answers.
But we reckon you do.
That’s what this is all about.
Starting a conversation about what an independent Victoria could do.
What it – we – would want to do?
Who we’d want to be.
We’ll have a crack at a few ideas as we go.
We want your views, sledges and takes.
Which brings us to – who are “we” exactly?
We’re a group of people who think Victoria should be independent.
Or at least have a proper, grownup conversation about it.
Who can be in it? Anyone.
You don’t have to live in Victoria, or be born in Victoria.
Just have spent some time here and reckon the place goes alright.
And could probably get even better, hard as that is to believe lol.
If you want to be in it, you are. There’s no forms or membership fees.
Just get down with the penguin.
We chose the penguin as our logo/hero for a few reasons.
First, they’re Victorian.
And we get that people think they look a bit silly.
But that’s fine, because we reckon penguins are great.
They’re social beasts that look out for each other.
They’re willing to wait out in the cold for a long time to hatch something amazing.
And there’s millions and millions of them.
Just like us.
So rock the penguin. Wear it out, stick it on your socials.
Or just keep it in your head.
And have a think about what Victoria could be like.
A Victoria standing on its own two feet.
Independent Victoria.

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