How would Victorian independence work – FAQs

The Victorian Independence Movement is growing quickly as more and more people realise changing Prime Ministers from Sydney hasn’t – and won’t – fix the problems we face as members of this failed federation. But what would an independent Victoria look like? How would work? How dramatic would the changes to the average persons dayContinue reading “How would Victorian independence work – FAQs”

Victoria made Albo PM and he better not forget it

The federal election was won and lost in Victoria and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese must orient his government accordingly if he wants another term . Booooooo go the Western Australians. The west had a bigger swing to Labor and took five seats off Morrison they say. We even have our own teal independent too! TheContinue reading “Victoria made Albo PM and he better not forget it”

It is time Chris Lucas shut up and stopped sooking.

Hey Chris Lucas. Cease your endless whinging would you? Concentrate on cooking, the thing you’re good at. And if you must open your overexposed mouth say something positive about Melbourne, the city you claim to love so much. For those so far unaware of the existence of Chris Lucas, he’s a Melbourne-based restaurateur with aContinue reading “It is time Chris Lucas shut up and stopped sooking.”

Independent Victoria: where YOU get to run the country

Victoria is a creative and inclusive place but our outdated political structures aren’t able to harness the energy and ambition of our people. We’ve all watched the goings on in parliament and thought, jeez, I could do better than that. You most certainly do have the intelligence and judgement to perform just as well andContinue reading “Independent Victoria: where YOU get to run the country”

The (Victorian political) climate is changing

So to Glasgow, once the second city of the British Empire and more recently the heartland of Scottish independence. In the 2014 independence referendum, when Scotland as a whole voted 55 to 45 against independence, 53.4 per cent of Glaswegians wanted to leave the United Kingdom. Recently re-elected Scottish National Party (SNP) First Minister NicoleContinue reading “The (Victorian political) climate is changing”

Have fun … and see ya later

Lockdown sucks. Watching NSW people get out of lockdown today has been truly heart warming. If anyone knows just how much lockdown sucks, it is Victorians. To the folks of NSW we say: well done. Enjoy. * Victoria will be out of lockdown soon enough too. It is a matter of days from here. TheContinue reading “Have fun … and see ya later”